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Resource Mapping

Resource Mapping is a free signposting service provided by Cornerstone SDS. Our Resource Mapping Officer, Hannah Reynolds, can provide bespoke research which will outline what is on offer in your local area such as support agencies, social groups, community activities and support any one-off requests.

Recently our Resource Mapping Officer received a unique referral; to help facilitate somewhere for a young man, Aaron, to learn wreath making. Carol, Aarons mum, makes artificial wreaths at home and he thoroughly enjoys assisting her with this, the family pondered if there was somewhere in Aberdeenshire that would support Aaron in making some wreaths of his own.

After many phone calls and emails, our resource mapping officer managed to work her magic when she came across a florist called Butterfly Blooms. Jenni, the owner of Butterfly Blooms, arranged to set up a two weekly placement with Aaron to help enable him in flower arranging. Jenni said, “I decided to facilitate Aaron coming to the shop as I have worked with young adults with additional needs previously; I can appreciate how difficult it is for them to be given placements and opportunities.”

Carol, Aarons Mum said “We were chuffed when we found out the resource mapper had found Aaron a placement at a florist. It gives me some respite to visit my Mother and Aaron enjoys his time at Butterfly Blooms. I would definitely recommend the resource mapping service to someone else. The research provided was diverse and gave us a lot of different options.”

Aaron is still attending Butterfly Blooms and enjoying his time there, as you can see in the above picture he is making some beautiful flower arrangements. It’s these successes which make our resource mapping service so significant, it facilitates creative solutions which allow people to get out and do the things they’re truly interested in.

If you are looking for a one-off request or some more information about what is available in your local community, contact:

Tel: 01467 530525



Pictured: A wreath made by Aaron at whilst on placement at Butterfly Blooms.