Option 1: Direct Payment

A Direct Payment allows you flexibility to arrange all of your support yourself, instead of receiving a service commissioned by the council. You choose how your budget is used and a payment card account will be opened for your representative to manage the money.

Most people choosing Direct Payments use them to purchase support for things such as:

  • Personal care – such as having a bath, washing or getting dressed. 
  • Living more independently through help with managing money, cooking and cleaning.
  • Going out and enjoying social activities or going on a short break.
  • Attending work or college.
  • Purchasing equipment.

You can purchase support from a social care provider or you can directly employ your own carers, known as Personal Assistants (PA).

Purchasing care from a service provider

If you decide to purchase support from a service provider, you will not be responsible for employing anyone directly. You will have a contract with the service provider whose role will be to ensure that you receive the service you need.

Your Cornerstone SDS Advisor will give you details of local service providers. Your Advisor will work with you to produce a personal plan which details the support you need, and what will be expected of the service provider.

Employing your own Personal Assistants (PA)

You can choose to employ staff yourself or have a representative (usually a family member) employ on your behalf. The Personal Assistant will report directly to you as the employer. By employing your own staff you will have certain legal responsibilities which you must comply with.

Your Cornerstone SDS Advisor will help you understand what your responsibilities are and provide all the information, advice and support you need to be a good employer.

Your Advisor will also help you to advertise for your Personal Assistant and support you throughout the recruitment process if required.

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